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CBS Oct 9 2015 Update
administrator | October 09, 2015 18:06

Happy to announce that are very close to going live with the new CBS site. Now working on templates.

We will have the new site live Saturday night. We will be sending out emails to current users once it is fully activated. 

It will take us a few days to get the User Guide and FAQs created but it will be very easy to use the basic features (which are more than what we offer now). 

Oct 7, 2015 Status on ChristianBlogSites
administrator | October 07, 2015 11:48

I am sorry I have not provided you a status earlier. I have been overwhelmed in getting the new blog site up.

Bad News
I have had to change server providers twice to get the besg pricing and features that would work with our goals to have the best multi-blog site possible.
I had some troubles with some scripting that turned out to be server problems, but I had to pay for tech support and nothing accomplished.
I have been doing all kinds of beta testing and not getting much sleep the last several days. This is all a one-man show to reduce costs to the minimum.
This is taking much longer than I wanted. Was hoping to be live Monday, but looks like we will be live by Friday at the latest.

Good News
I have been able to obtain a very fast server that will be excellent at keeping the site fast. If I need to upgrade the server there is no downtime and a minimal additional cost so I will make the comittment to keep this site efficient. Postings will take second, not minutes.

I am very excited with the features we are adding (tons of them) many you will not see because they are working in the background.

Many of you have been wanting to be able to get your postings more into search engines, share on Facebook, Twitter, to get more viewers. Great news-we ahve been putting much work into this. We have also included the ability for you to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your entire blog site on your own if you want to have even a greater footprint on the Internet.

We are including a feature (that cost us a fee each month) to be able to guarantee 99% spam free. Any spam that does not come in will be easy to delete. (We cannot block on human spammers, but we certainly will block almost all spambbots.)

We will continue to provide blog sites at no charge whatsoever. We will have a donation button if you would like to make a donation through PayPal. (I will have over 40 hours of labor by the time this site is completed, and a monthly cost of around $150 for hosting.)

So we are very close to having the new site running. Thank you for your patience.

Richard Dover

administrator | September 30, 2015 10:31

ATTENTION ALL CHRISTIANBLOGSITE USERSWe have Bad News and some GOOD NEWS for each of you. Especially for those who are currently still blogging with CBS.

Bad News
1. We are shutting down CBS as it currently exists effective Oct 31, 2015.
2. That means your blogs and all articles will be deleted and gone forever.
3. The only way you will be able to keep your blog articles is if you copy and paste them to a new blogging service (ours or another one). Yes, this will be extremely time consuming. I wish we had another solution but we do not have an exporting feature. The manufacturer of the software we use has stopped tech support service for years now.

This is some really good news in the spite of the bad news.

1. We have decided to continue offering a blog service at no charge. It will be on a donation basis (which means 99.9% will not donate.)
It may have some adds on the footer (Christian-themed ads)

2. Our multi-user blogging software will be WordPress MU. It is one of the best, if not the best, blogging services available. Loaded with features. We will be adding around 50 features to it.

3. The good news is that is that the posting of articles will be much faster.

4. The good news is that we can turn commenting on again and have minimal problems with spamming.

5. The good news is you will be able to have people subscribe to your blog, interface your blog with twitter, facebook, google, etc. People will be able easily post your blog article into their facebook account.

6. The good news is if you desire, we will be able to take your blog URL and redirect it to the new blogging server so that if you have links to your blog anywhere the links will still be good.
(Your new blog will have a different URL so you can use the new URL or the old one.)
So in other words, if your blog URL currently is it can be redirected to at no cost to you.

We will also be offering a very inexpensive option to have your own domain unique domain name that redirects to your blog site. i.e.
You could have a domain name of that redirects to

7. The good news is you will have about 20-25 days to copy and paste any of your old blog articles to your new blog.
(Note: I am estimating it will take you around 10 minutes to copy paste each article you have. I know time consuming.)

8. We hope to install and beta test the software in a few days and within a week you will be able to create a new blog.

9. All new blogs will need to honor our current policies and guidelines. They must be blogs with a Christian theme.

10. If you want to use the new blogging service let me know your username and blog name. We will get a default page setup for you. We have opened up comments on this post for you to neter your info and ask any questions.
(This only applies to current blog users. New users will need to go through the new registration process once the new blog site is up.)

Richard D. Dover
CBS Administrator

P.S. I am a full-time Senior Pastor of a small church, the Executive Director of a clean & sober house, the radio host of a Radio Show, work part-time as a tent maker, and married. I do all that and have offered this blog service for free for 10 years. So that explains why we have not improved this blogging service for some time.  

Upgrade or Shut Down of CBS
administrator | September 28, 2015 16:22

Keep your eyes open for an email from CBS Administrator Richard Dover
Make sure your email program does not block any emails from the domain
A very important email is going to be coming to you by Tuesday evening.

It is hard to believe that CBS has been in existence for 10 years. We started this blog service when blogging just started. At the time we had a state-of-the-art blogging software. Needless to say the technology has past us up. There are multitudes of new blogging features (we started before there was such a thing as Facebook). 

We have offered this service for free (suppose to be $5 a year, but only a coule people ever pay) even though I personally pay $100 a month to keep this service going.

It is time for us to either shut down CBS or change it over to the latest blogging service there is with over50 features so that the blog site integrate with Facebook, Twitter, able to have comments without spam, add videos easily, etc.

Two Options
1. Just shut down the service. We only have a few active users. So I can just shut down CBS completely.
If I do this then users will lose all of their postings. They will need to start a new blog with another service.
If I shut down CBS, it will be effective Nov 1.
This would allow you time to copy and paste each of your blog articles to another blogging service if you do not want to lose your posts. Other blogging services will not import blog articles from our blogging software. (I know it could take weeks to copy all your articles. I am personally going to be doing this.)

2. We will install WordPress MultiSite with approximately 50 plug-ins. This new blogging site would be a full-featured site that will integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and have all kinds of wonderful plug-ins.
If we do this, you would still need to copy and paste all your articles into the blogging site.
If we do this there will be rotating ads or other ads on the footer of your blog site. This will still be a Christian themed service so the ads will not be offensive.

The email I will be sending you will be asking you if you are interested in Option 2.

Again be sure to make sure you can get emails from the domain

Richard D. Dover
CBS Administrator

P.S. I am a full-time Senior Pastor of a small church, the Executive Director of a clean & sober house, the radio host of a Radio Show, work part-time as a tent maker, and married. I do all that and have offered this blog service for free for 10 years. Plus the blog softwre provider has stopped providing upgrades to the software for years. So that explains why we have not improved this blogging service for some time. 

Great News in Regards to Spam Unmoderated Comments
administrator | March 03, 2015 18:39

We are happy to announce that we were finally able to purge from the database many outdated blogs. We will slowly be working on more. The good news is after we were able to purge outdated blogs, we were able to get the purge script to work to purge any comments that were marked as spam.

Doing all of the above should make posting articles work much faster. It will even much faster when I delete even more blogs that are inactive.

Hopefully we can stay on top of this so that we can be at a place to recommend turning on comments again without having to deal with tons of unmoderated spam.


Link to article in your blog does not work-fetch error
administrator | March 03, 2015 13:02
If you are getting a fetch error when trying to view a post, it means the article was posted some time between 10pm-1am (based upon your time zone). When a post is made around midnight (server time-Eastern), at times there is a glitch as to what day the post was made.
The solution is for the blog poster to change the date or time of their post, then the post usually shows up fine. it is best to not post at the times listed unless in Eastern Time Zone.
Help keep CBS available to Christians-It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas Buttons
administrator | December 03, 2014 14:29

It's Okay to Say Merry Christma Buttons.
Be politically incorrect and wear "It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas" Buttons and at same time help support to continue hosting this blog site and also help Fairhaven House/There is Hope to help those struggling with addictions.

To learn more and to order go to

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